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Let's Get it Together (February 2, 2002).

The contribution of  Paul Couturier to the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity 2.

Disunited We Stand (August 28, 2004).

Political relationships in Europe find themselves mirrored in the relationships between the churches as the ecumenical movement begins to run into the sand. The closer they get to one another the more anxious they seem to emphasise their differences.

Remembrance Day (November 13, 2004).

Remembering should be a present act. The test is not how effectively we can look back and recall, but how seriously we can 'remember' and ensure that tomorrow is a different day.

A Plea for Religious Liberty (May 20, 2006).

Thomas Helwys's plea for religious liberty in the 17th century provided a sound foundation for other kinds of freedom. He reminded James 1 that he too was mortal, and James responded by putting him in prison.

A Fresh Approach to Christian Unity (February 9, 2008).

The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity offers all churches the chance to work as one. The Hope 2008 programme encourages long-established institutional churches to leave their ivory towers.

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